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Website as your company’s 24/7 seller

Your site is, or at least it should be, elegantly dressed, charming and sophisticated seller who works for the company 24/7. This seller can serve unlimited number of users anytime and he will never say he needs a break.

If you have a bad website, according to the statistics, users won’t stick around for more than 10 seconds and probably won’t even contact you – forget about them buying anything from you. 

Before we go on, you should now there are 3 main components which affect your site’s quality. The components are content, design and offer.

Look how each affect your business.

Quality content and selling concept:

Professional and unique design:

Increases worth of your product or offer (professional design makes users think your product is high-quality, so it is not rare for the users to buy something yours, even if your prices are higher than the competitors’ prices)

Good offer:

Thinking of creating a website ?

You are already here, so you are probably thinking about creating a new website or redesigning the current one.

You are aware of the importance of the quality digital appearance. You found out about the 3 main components which are necessary for creating a good website, as well as the main benefits which it brings, however…

You aren’t completely sure yet and we totally get it. You are probably having doubts about creation, but we will give our best to explain it to you briefly.

Ask yourself questions

Okay, so after you found out about the main components of a good website, you should ask yourself a few questions:

1. Which are the main values of my company?
2. Which colors describe my company?
3. What emotions does my brand/service evoke after buying or consuming it?
4. Who is my biggest competition and what sets me apart from others?
5. What can I offer better compared with my competition?

After you find answers on these questions by yourself or at our free consultation, we will analyze your business, your pros and cons, target group, benefits and characteristics which can mainly attract buyers.

We can go

After we do that, we will send you the idea and offer for your website creation, which is completely customized to your industry, business model and goals.

If you like the idea and accept the offer, we will start with our work.

According to this, it is clear that the website creation and editing is needed before any marketing activity, in order to avoid the unnecessary waste of money and bad user experience.

Remember this: Even if your website looks nice, but doesn’t bring selling – it isn’t worth it!

If you really want to improve your business, raise your selling on the highest level, set apart from the others by representing your company in an unique way, contact us and we will flood your business with a glowing lava of new users.

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Web development

Frequently asked questions

Both site and the landing page aim to come to the certain conversions (buying, leads, phone calls…).

The focus of a website’s cover page is letting visitors know some crucial information about the company – its values and products/services it offers. Content and design attract users to stay on the website and check out its other pages which will lead them to a certain conversion.

The goal of a landing page is exactly the conversion. It is an independent page, usually made on the site’s domain, created in a way which provokes the wanted users’ reaction. It removes every possible users’ distraction and focuses just on the one thing – signing in to a newsletter, order and scheduling meetings.

– Increase of conversions
– Website works even when you don’t
– Landing pages support every goal of your company
– Collecting all important information about users
– Growing your brand awareness
– Strengthening your business’s credibility

Yes. Landing pages are the most efficient way for making people buy something.

However, this approach doesn’t fit every business. If you sell 1-5 products, this is the ideal solution for you. For businesses which have large selection of products this won’t help for sure.

Very frequent question, but we have to let you down – we don’t have the exact answer to this. It depends on the variety of factors, for example the number of pages (products), complexity of a project, clients’ requests… It can last from 7 days to a couple of months.

After the consultations, precisely defined items and conditions and created plan, we will suggest the deadline for the work completion.

– Websites we create are designed to maximize the return on investment (ROI), and not just to look nice.
– Etna Digital identifies all hidden needs and wishes of users, using unique marketing strategy with specific market research, knowing what exactly buyers want to see.
– We turn your visitors to your loyal buyers.