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Conversion optimization

Maximizing the results of marketing approach

Finding new users is the integrative part of every business. In most cases, the process of attracting new users requires many resources – time, effort and money. The largest number of businesses has quite limited budgets for marketing, so it is very important to use them in the right way in order to reach the results maximization.

This process is called CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION.

Conversion optimization is the process of constantly improving online appearance, which has a purpose of lowering costs, maximizing results and getting to the highest possible profit. No matter if you are into e-comm or more simple lead generation, this is the topic you should definitely be interested in.

John is director

Why we think we will do the job better than others: because we will improve the slightest, at the first sight irrelevant thing!

In order to explain how we get to the wanted results, we will tell you a short story… 

John is director of a local bicycle shop. Selling doesn’t go well for them these days so they decided to make the WebShop and try themselves in online shopping.

He gathered workers, talked about his idea, made a plan and started with its realization.

They made an online shop, opened social media accounts and activated first Facebook campaign.

Zuck thief , or not?

When 7 days have passed, the ad didn’t give the wanted results. They came to two conclusions:

1 – Zuckerberg is a thief
2 – Facebook just entices people to promote themselves and take away their money, and ads don’t do anything

It makes sense, right?

Yeah, but probably for the majority of unsuccessful people who blame others for everything. Other ones probably won’t agree with them, so let’s find out what is the actual problem and what is the solution.

It is simple as that – they haven’t tested any part of the sales funnel – where the problem actually hides, and the solution can be find at any part of the sales funnel!

If you want to do the digital marketing of your company on your own, we want to share some simple advices about the conversion optimization with you:

Step by step

How we have handled the following situation: We have the website, Facebook page and an active ad

– The ad doesn’t give the results

The first thing we noticed is that people don’t click at our ad at all (low CTR). So, it is necessary to find the reason for this problem.

The only way to do it is to test the following items in detail:

  1. Creativity
  2. Copy
  3. Target group
  4. Platform and placement
  5. Offers

After a few A/B tests, we concluded that people aged 34-50 CLICK LIKE CRAZY on visuals without exposing the price, short and clear copy with a few main benefits and direct call-to-action!


Nothing without a good site

After people started clicking on ads and some traffic appeared, there were no selling and calls – AGAIN.

People have mainly just looked through the site, scrolled till the page ending and left the site afterwards…

But, we haven’t given up! We decided to add reviews of pleased users, improve UX (user experience) and change the call to action!

Then the conversion has risen up to 474%!

But there is STILL space for improvement

People started calling, texting and ordering, so the client had the urge to hire 2 more people!

Facebook ads do work, so we are constantly testing new ones, analyze, optimize and scale them.

The client is more than pleased, but however, we haven’t come to the maximum yet!

Then we came to the most unbelievable results: monthly traffic consists of more than 10.000 visits and increasing profit for 37%.

It is clear what to do ...

Conversion optimization is the endless and consistent process whether you are the owner of an e-comm shop or you are working on simple lead generation.

Etna can help you with lowering prices od clicks and costs, and increase CTR and selling and bring your marketing activities to the highest level!

So if:

Book free consultation and check whether and how we can help your business with generating as many users as services!

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Frequently asked quesitons

Conversion optimization is a process of optimizing the site and complete marketing approach in order to transform the highest number of visitors to buyers.

Generally speaking, everything above 2% is good conversion rate. We said good – not great. J

With conversion – definitely!

With bad website and sales funnel you will NEVER achieve satisfying business results. Conversion optimization will lead you to increasing ROI and scale your business to the sky!