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ETNA’s recipe for effective teamwork: Only 3 ingredients lead to success

You have the knowledge and innovative solutions; sometimes, the work of an entire team of experts cannot be measured with yours? But, when you are forced to become a part of a team – innovation turns into nervousness, and effort turns into rolling eyes?   If you have recognized yourself in these situations, the good


How should I explain the Marketing Automation?

You are not the only one who is having a problem with this, I was also surprised by the term “automation” a long time ago. I knew what is marketing, but automation made me feel confused a bit.   It could be anything, I thought at first that it was some software doing marketing for


Here’s how we control you with marketing

When you read the title, did you ask yourself: “Why would some marketers reveal their secrets to me, so later they won’t be able to control me?”   That’s what I was thinking when I got the idea to write this text. But don’t worry, these are just some of the secrets, while we, the


Tommy Shelby and Copywriting

It’s time to remind myself again of one of my favorite characters of all time in cinematography, and that could be no one else except Mr Thomas Fookin’ Shelby! If you have watched the TV show Peaki Blinders – you know that you won’t need any introduction for this gentleman below. If you haven’t watched